How to Create Blog in Latest Blogger


One free blog providers are quite popular today is Blogspot or Blogger, but the domain name you will get later is a subdomain from Blogspot itself, for example, my blog:

Why should blog on, not on other blog provider site?

Actually, there is no necessity to create a blog on blogger, but there are many advantages that bloggers have in appeal with other blog providers. Some examples of Blogspot advantages in the appeal of the others are:
Easy in operation so it is suitable for beginners,
More flexibility in replacing and editing the template so that your blog will look more fresh because the results of his own creations,
Custom domain or you can change your blog name with your own domain name eg is changed to, while hosting still use Blogspot and still remain free.
Here’s how to create a blog tutorial:

1. Creating Gmail Email
One of the conditions that must be fulfilled in creating a blog is you have an email address that is still active or in use. If you do not have an email address, please make first in Gmail because blogger is one of the services of Google then when registering to the blogger should use Gmail email.
When making email, Google will ask for verification via your phone number, so input your mobile phone number is active.

2. How to Create Blog on Blogger
Please go to
Enter your Gmail email and password:

After login, you can change the language used to be easy to follow step by step in the process of making this blog.

Click the button labeled New Blog.

Fill in the blog title and blog address in want. Make sure the blog address you write is available (marked with a blue checkmark to the right of the blog address field), then select the desired template, and click the Create blog button in the lower right corner.

Note: Blog template is like the clothes you wear, so good clothes would be pleasing to the eye, for blog template problem, we can change according to our desire other time.
Congratulations your blog has been made, you can immediately see your blog by clicking the View Blog button or you can also directly post your first post by clicking orange color button existing pencil image.

For example you will post your first article, after you click the orange button (pencil icon and when touched it appears post for new entry) will go to the post editor page, please fill in anything (it is recommended to directly fill the post, usually if not directly post will be netted Blogger’s anti-spam robot, and your blog will be locked). Example: hello world. Click the PREVIEW button to see what will appear later on the blog, click PUBLISH button if your post is published to the public.

For the initial stage, your blog has become and can be accessed anywhere. For a deeper discussion of how blogging with blogger, will be discussed in the next post.


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