Google Spreadsheet Introduction


Google Drive is Google’s proprietary storage service launched on April 24, 2012, this Service is accessible via URL:
One of the interesting features of Google Drive is the presence of Google spreadsheet online, as well as other spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, this application can also be used to process numbers, create financial statements, create a formula that can help alleviate the work of users, and certainly Google spreadsheet can We use for free. Google Drive delivers 15GB of free storage and can be added to certain payments.
How to Use Google Spreadsheet
To take advantage of this free facility from Google, the requirement is you have an account on Google.
1. Login at

2. Click NEW then you click Google Sheets

3. It will open a new page in the form of Google spreadsheet, and you are ready to use google spreadsheet application online for free.

Similarly Introduction to Google Spreadsheet, in the next article I will discuss the use of Google spreadsheet further. Or you can see in the category of Google Spreadsheet post on this site.
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