Complete Systematic Blogger Tutorial with Video Tutorial


Blogger tutorials on the internet are very many choices, you can choose which tutorial you will follow and practice so that you can immediately have a blog and can write on your own blog without having to use blogging services, even though there are cheap blogging services and also the results are cool and elegant available at and already has thousands of clients from various parts of Indonesia and some from abroad.

The Blogger tutorial is presented systematically with a video tutorial that InsyaAllah will increase your understanding in learning how to create a blog using the platform.

Why do I choose blogger as a machine to create a blog?

Of course there are fundamental reasons why I take this platform, including:

  1. This blogger platform is very user friendly or very easy to use, of course with the condition that you want to read the menus and buttons that are available and are NOT afraid of trying wrong.
  2. His bloggers are Google’s giant company, from the security side of the blog from hacker attacks certainly more secure, hackers will fight Google first before being able to hack blogs that we have created in blogger.
  3. The requirements for making a blog on are also very easy, you just need to create a google account (have email) The process of making a blog on blogger is very fast, less than 5 minutes you will get a blog that is online and ready for you to fill with useful content from your work.
  4. Various choices of free template designs from blogger are available, and if you are not satisfied with the choices in blogger, you can search a collection of free templates or premium templates specifically for bloggers who are now very many, and easy to find on the internet.
  5. Complementary features that support your blog are more SEO friendly / preferably search engines like Google are also available, you just need to set and maximize usage.
  6. Blogger provides a custom domain feature, which is a feature where you can change the address of your blog that previously used sub domains from to, of course with the note that you have bought the domain name first.
  7. Free HTTPS / SSL is given by bloggers so that your blog is preferred by the Google search engine.
  8. Unlimited bandwidth, this sentence is actually redundant because there is no limit, there must be a limit, it’s just that by creating a blog on, you don’t have to worry about running out of bandwidth when your blog has hundreds of thousands of visitors every day, because bloggers are able to handle without obstacles and will remain smoothly. You do not need to worry about your blog will appear warning “bandwidth limit exceeded” or warning of excessive server CPU usage.

I think that’s a number of reasons that make me like and make lots of blogger tutorials on this blog, hopefully useful for you.

Blogger Tutorial Collection
The collection of blogger tutorials that I have made and you can choose according to your needs, the final part of the tutorial I have completed with a video tutorial, if there is a tutorial that has not been equipped with video, it means that the process of making the video, you can comment so I make the video immediately. You can access blogger tutorials through the blogger tutorial page.